Kansas AG Pushes for State Gun Rights Amendment After KC Parade Shooting

Kansas City Super Bowl shooting
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[F]ollowing a press conference, [Kansas Attorney General Kris] Kobach reaffirmed his support for a proposed state constitutional amendment protecting possession and use of firearms. 

The presence of a “good guy with a gun” is “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun,” Kobach said, calling it “essential.”

Kobach said, based on police statements, it doesn’t sound like the Kansas City shooter or shooters had intent to kill parade goers. Police have said the shooting seemed to stem from a dispute between individuals. 

But in other mass shooting situations, he said stopping the violence is up to armed bystanders. 

“Having armed citizens affords a greater degree of protection in any situation,” Kobach said.

Asked how armed citizens could halt mass shootings when 800 police officers’ presence didn’t stop Wednesday’s tragedy, Kobach said police weren’t close enough to the situation.

“That’s one of the major reasons why we need good citizens to be armed to help because there just aren’t enough law enforcement officers to protect everybody everywhere at every time,” he said. 

— Allison Kite in After KC Shooting, Kris Kobach Says ‘Good Guy With a Gun’ Needed to Stop Mass Killings

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  1. Reading further down in the quoted article from the Kansas Reflector:

    “Since 2007, the state has permitted residents to obtain firearms without a permit, which led to between a 25% and 47% rise in homicides and a 23.5% increase in suicides by firearm, according to the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions.”

    I’ll bet that we can guess as to the methodology of the study that arrived at that conclusion.

    1. Alien,

      And (although this is certainly only coincidental…cough, cough) that Center for Gun Violence Solutions resides within the Bloomberg School for Public Health.

      Otherwise known as the Center for the Propagation of Propaganda.

      1. The pic at the top tells the story of what really happened, notice the ‘colors’ the two are wearing, red and blue.

        Most likely just a simple ‘business dispute’ between two competitors, the ‘Bloods’ and the ‘Crips’, with the cheering parade crowd being used as a bullet backstop… 🙁

  2. It was a gang dispute that resulted in a public (indiscrimate) shooting, end of story. Like a South Central LA drive-by, it was idiotic, relatively spontaneous, and had NOTHING to do with the KC Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration. We will never be effective in disarming the gangs, but one could reasonably wish they would actually learn to frickin’ shoot competently. “Gang shootings” are inevitably marked by the “spray and pray” school of gun use – which is why so many innocent bystanders, often not even remotely adjacent to the actual participants, end up dead.

    It sounds counter-intuitive, but . . . I actually wish gangbangers would learn to shoot competently. It would reduce civilian casualties, and I couldn’t give a fig what happens to the gangbangers. If they become more competent at killing each other, ‘splain to me, Lucy, why that is a “bad thing”. Hell, I’ll chip in to buy them range time and better guns and ammunition. As the movie line goes, “Let them fight.” – so long as they kill each other, and not random neighbors.

  3. Making drugs free would remove the profit motive from gangs. We need real solutions and the drug war has only created criminals. Crimes with victims need to be punished at the maximum. Time for people to stand up and demand criminals be punished or do it themselves. We cannot care more about the year of our cars, the size of our tvs or the quality of our vacations than we do the future we leave our children. Make Public Hangings Great Again

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