Beretta Updates the 10-Year-Old PX4 With Two New Models

It’s hard to believe that Beretta’s PX4 Storm series has been around 20 years, but I guess that’s what happens when you get old. Heck, I still remember when the M9 was adopted as the “new” military pistol back in 1985 so that means we’ll be looking at a 40th anniversary for that venerable gun (the M9 adoption, not the 92 series itself) next year.

The PX4’s never gotten the kind of spotlight its military cousin has but it’s always been a solid choice with its rotating barrel assembly which translates to lower recoil. To celebrate two decades in production, Beretta has released two new models, the full sized G-SD (Super Duty) and a Compact Carry 2 model in two configurations. They dropped the news on social media yesterday along with some pics showing off the new features. Check out the release and pics below.


Beretta is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the PX4 Storm series by unveiling two new additions to the PX4 Storm family: the PX4 Storm Compact Carry 2, as well as a full-size model, the PX4 Storm G-SD (Super Duty).

Engineered with precision and developed in close collaboration with Langdon Tactical Technology, the enhanced PX4 pistols introduce a groundbreaking low-recoil heavy rotating barrel profile, a result of cutting-edge innovation. This pioneering design guarantees durability, unparalleled control, and precision with every shot, transforming the PX4 into an exceptionally soft-shooting firearm for its size, akin to that of a pistol equipped with a compensator.






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  1. The old PX4 Storms have a better trigger than the 92s even with lighter hammer springs in the 92s. I would like to see a compact model with a 4″ barrel. That would be pretty much a SA/DA Glock 19, size wise.

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