Black History Month and the Tradition of Black Second Amendment Scholarship

The tradition of black gun ownership in America has always been different. The “black codes” were implemented in many states, designed to keep blacks from exercising their right to keep and bear arms. In Florida, for example, whites could enter black-owned homes and search for weapons without a warrant. In Louisiana, blacks could be stopped […]

The Smith & Wesson Response: A (Mostly) Polymer PCC

Smith & Wesson Response PCC pistol caliber carbine

In the last 12 months, Smith & Wesson went from having zero pistol caliber carbines in their lineup to now having three. They released the FPC, the Response, and at SHOT, we got our first look at the new-again 1854, a lever action .44 Magnum. That’s quite a leap in the PCC category. The FPC […]