Austin Teens Caught Faking GOA Endorsements for Their Gun Tracking Invention

Westlake High School smart gun inventors

A recent story out of Austin shows that misguided people often show their ignorance and incompetence about guns and the issues that surround them. Some Austin area high school students trying to build a “smart gun” — one that also allows guns equipped with the technology to be tracked and remotely disabled — as part […]

Gun Review: Colt King Cobra Target .22 LR

If you look at the selection of .22 LR double action revolvers, you’ll see that we’ve gone from a few available – the Smith & Wesson M617 and 317/63 models and a few Rugers (LCR, SP101 and, until recently, the GP100-22). But more makers have been stepping forward and Colt has returned to the game […]

The NRA On Trial: Figuring Out What Comes Next

While the NRA continues its legal struggles, attention has, finally, been diverted from that slow-speed train crash long enough to ask the big question: what happens if the NRA doesn’t survive? Not the trial, the loss of confidence and contributions from former members who are too-disillusioned to risk supporting the organization whose leadership seems determined […]