How to Deal With a Red Flag or Order of Protection Confiscation of Your Guns

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Call them Red Flag gun confiscation orders, or Extreme Risk Protection orders or just a plain old Order of Protection.  Regardless of the name, if police show up out of the blue with one of those orders against you to take your guns, what should you do?  Think about it now to help you minimize the disruption to your life and to keep your options open.

Anti-Gun Senators Demand Extension of Biden Administration Firearm Export Pause

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If you want to know what gun control proponents would do given unchecked authority, just watch how the Biden White House abuses its executive powers to harass and persecute the firearms industry, which Biden himself has referred to as “the enemy.” Biden’s latest moves show him leveraging his foreign affairs apparatus to crack down on American […]

The Richmond Gun Hole is History While the Chicago Rat Hole Lives On

The Richmond Gun Hole was filled in as of Wednesday morning, a victim of its own fame. Located on South Addison Street in the Fan, the Gun Hole went viral this past week after X user @brockomole tweeted a picture of it with the caption “What if we kissed at the Richmond gun hole” last […]