Guns On USPS Property: Do Not Trust Headlines or Press Releases

It’s always a bad idea to get your legal advice from the interwebs. While I’d like to think that that news websites (including this one) are a better source for information than social media, you still need to do your own homework and talk to your own lawyer. Why? Because even the most trusted news […]

The New ZeroTech H.A.L.O TRAE28 Aspherical Reflex Sight

ZeroTech Optics is excited to announce the much-anticipated launch of its cutting-edge reflex sight launched at Shot Show 2024, the H.A.L.O (Heavy duty Aspherical Lens Optic) TRAE28. This state-of-the-art optic is set to redefine standards in reflex sights, combining unparalleled durability with extraordinary performance. Key Specifications of the H.A.L.O TRAE28: ·Magnification: 1x ·Objective Lens: 28mm x 20mm […]

Silencers For Beginners: How to Suppress a GLOCK

A suppressed pistol shooting subsonic ammunition gets pretty darn close to “Hollywood quiet” and is undeniably cool. Better yet, moving your hearing protection from on your head to on your gun is more comfortable and allows you to hear your surroundings and your friends on the range, making for a safer, more enjoyable experience. If […]

BOOM: Another 1.2 Million Guns Sold in January

We’ve established a new floor in demand for firearms in this country. According to the NSSF’s adjusted NICS numbers for January, Americans bought just under 1.2 million more guns last month. The new minimum monthly number of guns sold in this country seems to be somewhere between 1 and 1.2 million per month. There are […]

Some Truths Behind The Latest Concealed Carry Statistics in America

gun shooting range train handgun pistol

Across the United States, fewer US citizens applied for new concealed carry permits. That’s what the numbers say, and it is true from a certain perspective. It’s also true that more people are legally carrying concealed firearms than ever before. That may seem like a contradiction, but it not. And it’s also very good news. […]

Traumatic Medical Training: What Is It Going To Take?

“Who put that tourniquet on him?” asked the Trauma Doctor in the ER waiting room, to which the driver replied, “Brad did.” “Well, you can tell Brad that if he had not done that, he (the victim) would be dead now.”  That exchange was between an ER doctor and the person who drove the victim […]