SHOT Show: AGs Talk Collaboration to Counter Biden Administration Anti-Gun Lawfare

The top law enforcement officers in six states joined together for the first ever NSSF Boots & Badges Attorneys General Forum at SHOT Show 2024 and the feedback was it was a resounding success.

Iowa AG Brenna Bird, Montana AG Austin Knudsen, Indiana AG Todd Rokita, Ohio AG Dave Yost, Kansas AG Kris Kobach and Utah AG Sean Reyes all took the stage to discuss their efforts to stand up against the Biden administration’s increasing attacks on the firearm industry and law-abiding Second Amendment supporters across the country. NSSF’s Larry Keane moderated the conversation between the top cops.

One major topic discussed included the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent consideration of overturning the Chevron doctrine. That’s the legal doctrine that arose from a previous Supreme Court decision that has over time given wide swath to federal agencies to fill in the holes – if you will – of how the government is to enforce a law when the statute passed by Congress doesn’t explicitly dictate it. The AGs discussed how overturning Chevron would return power to Congress and take it away from overreaching federal agencies that have a track record of suffocating and penalizing lawful firearm industry businesses. It’s a big deal and something all supporters of the Second Amendment should watch for later this year.

Other topics the attorneys general discussed included their efforts to combat the federal government’s attempts at criminalizing law-abiding gun owners while ignoring violent criminals who ignore the law in the first place; their previous efforts testifying in Congress about criminals and drug cartels smuggling fentanyl and other deadly drugs across the Southern border; and the harmful and misguided environmental, social, governance (ESG) policies of discrimination used by major financial institutions against members of the firearm industry.

The AGs also discussed how not only are they pursuing their own efforts to fight for the Constitutional rights of their voters, but also how they are working together through signing on to amicus briefs in support of gun rights court cases in jurisdictions from coast to coast.

Audience members asked several questions as the conversation wrapped up, including a few from residents in states with strict gun control asking the AGs what can be done to protect their rights back home.

The full 2024 NSSF Boots & Badges Attorneys General Forum can be viewed here.


Matt Manda is Manager, Public Affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation

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