Kentucky Legislature Considers CARR, a Red Flag Law By Another Name

“We need to have another tool that we don’t have today,” Westerfield explained in December. “Something not as substantial or severe as voluntary commitment, but also not as useless as doing nothing – which is what we’re stuck with today.”

On Thursday, he said CARR is the tool that Kentucky needs.

“We don’t want to take guns away from people who are law-abiding citizens,” Westerfield said. “We want to step in temporarily to keep people safe.” …

So, CARR supporters say when signs are visible, CARR is the tool for prevention.

How does it work?

    1. Law enforcement files petition after assessing evidence provided by concerned community member.
    2. Judge approved or denies the petition following strict, independent judicial review.
    3. If order is granted, an individual’s guns are temporarily transferred to law enforcement or a trusted person outside of the household.
    4. A hearing is held so that the individual and judge can determine the best next steps, including identifying opportunities for much-needed support services.
    5. Guns are returned when individual is no longer in crisis. …

However, not everyone is supportive of CARR. Rep. Savannah Maddox, (R) Dry Ridge, has been an outspoken critic.

“We must fervently resist any effort to pass gun control legislation,” Maddox said in December.

“Any type of red flag law proposal, or ERPO, or the CARR act has the potential to violate at least three constitutional rights – in addition to due process and the presumption of innocence, which is a principal that is well enshrined in our American legal system,” Maddox added.

Maddox explained that she believes Second Amendment rights are not negotiable. She also expressed frustration with some of her fellow Republican lawmakers for proposing gun control measures.

“I continue to be baffled by the fact that this is the second time that we’ve heard this piece of legislation in a Republican super-majority of 111 out of 138,” she said. “And I know that there have been calls for us to find common ground, but in reality, our common ground is the constitution.”

— Karolina Buczek in New Bill Would Temporarily Remove Guns From Kentuckians Deemed Immediate Threat

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