Daniel Defense Re-Releases the H9 (Previously From Hudson)

  The Hudson H9 was/is one of my favorite pistols. I was extremely disappointed when the company went bankrupt not far out of the gate. They suffered supplier and other logistical issues that caused them to run out of cash and fold. The good news is that Daniel Defense purchased the rights to the H9 […]

Watch The Gundies Awards Tonight!

If you aren’t familiar with The Gundies, it’s effectively The Oscars but for the gun industry. I believe this year is the fifth Gundie Awards, and they’ve been growing in scope and production value every year. It’s a legit awards show! There are categories for content creators like all the YouTube and social media gun […]

SHOT Show Range Day: American Tactical GSG-9, The MP5 We Have At Home

I like weird guns. A lot. And I’m not sure why. They aren’t always the most practical weapons, either. One that falls into that genre of unpractical and weird also falls into the world of cheap is the American Tactical GSG-9. GSG stands for German Sporting Guns, and American Tactical is merely importing the designs. […]

SHOT Show: The New Diamondback SDR Self-Defense Revolver

Diamondback has successfully moved past a reputation for extremely small 9mm pistols and budget ARs into a rather interesting market. In that market, they’ve finally brought out a revolver. Who saw that coming? The latest from Diamondback is the SDR, which stands for Self Defense Revolver. It’s a revolver aimed at the concealed carry market, […]

SHOT Show Range Day: CZ Updates the G2 Semi-Auto Shotgun

CZ has updated their semi-auto 1012 G2 12 gauge inertia-driven shotgun. The Gen2 version uses extended chokes, comes with a shim kit for a perfect fit, has a an ambi (switchable) safety button, and can take extended magazine tubes. Note also the enlarged charging handle and bolt release. Price is $750. While it feels lighter […]

SHOT Show Range Day: Mountain Billy Gun Lab GOAT-15 .22LR

One of the first guns I ran into at the SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range was the GOAT-15, a micro AR-15 chambered in .22LR. It looks like a youth rifle, and it would be a good one, but Mountain Billy Gun Labs (MBGL) is encouraging its use as a survival rifle, truck or […]

Anti-Gun Group Tries to Use Foreign Lawsuits to Advance Gun Control in America

Jonathan Lowy

By Lee Williams In what may be a sign of growing desperation, a new anti-gun nonprofit has funded and filed two lawsuits against American firearm manufacturers by the Mexican government, a lawsuit against Smith & Wesson in a Canadian court, and a civil rights complaint with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights – a foreign […]