The New Mossberg 940 Pro Sporting Line of Shotguns

Mossberg’s ever-growing 940 line of semi-automatic shotguns just keeps growing. The latest additions will probably be some of their most popular. The 940 Pro Sporting has beautiful walnut furniture and the 940 Pro Sporting Super Bantam is great for smaller-framed shooters. Here’s Mossberg’s announcement . . . Gain a competitive edge with the new line […]

Latest Harrington and Richardson ARs Go Retro and Weird

The company once known as H&R, was purchased by Palmetto State Armory out of the Remington bankruptcy and is manned by some of the crew of Nodak Spud. This collaboration has apparently led to plenty of money to embrace the retro world and produce some of the odder variants of Stoner’s famed design. At the […]

Kimber Announces the New R7 Mako Tactical 9mm Pistol

Kimber Mfg. has released the R7 MAKO Tactical model. Immediately after the release of the KDS9c Rail last week, Kimber releases the new R7 MAKO Tactical with additional features requested by customers. Featuring a picatinny rail, threaded barrel and direct mount Holosun 407K optic – the R7 MAKO Tactical is yet another example of Kimber […]

SHOT Show: UTG Launches Line of AR15 Billet Upper and Lower Receivers

Leapers UTG is a big brand with a huge product catalog, known for many years for affordable if, dare I say it, somewhat “generic” firearm accessories and components. Over the last three-or-so years, though, they’ve really been fleshing out the UTG Pro brand with innovative and very nice accessories and, now, actual serialized firearm components. […]

Behold: The New Hi-Point YC380 Yeet Cannon .380 ACP Pistol

Hi-Point YC380 Yeet Cannon .380 ACP

A lot of people like to deride Hi-Point pistols. They’re ugly, they say. They’re big and heavy, they complain. Well, maybe. We, however, have never been Hi-Point haters. Why? Because they work. They may not be pretty, sleek, or svelte, but when you pull the trigger, you hear a loud report. With admirable regularity. On […]

Felony Gun Charge: Hunter Biden is Running Out of Arguments

Hunter Biden Colt Cobra revolver

  In December, Hunter Biden’s lawyer filed a motion to dismiss felony gun charges against him. His attorneys argued that the charges were ‘politically motivated’ and accused Weiss of having ‘buckled under political pressure to bring more severe charges.’ However, top prosecutor [Special Counsel David] Weiss slammed the ‘conspiracy theory’ as a ‘fiction designed for […]