SCOTUS Chevron Deference Cases Could Put an End to ATF Regulatory Overreach

Supreme Court SCOTUS

  This is a fish story that could have seismic impacts for the way the federal government generates gun control regulations. The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in two cases – both challenging a National Marine Fisheries Service rule that requires commercial fishing boats to pay for government monitors that keep watch over crews for […]

Coming in the Spring: The New Magpul MOE PR Mil-Spec Carbine Stock

Magpul MOE PR mil-spec carbine stock

  The MOE PR is a full-size carbine stock that blends the simplicity of the legacy MOE Carbine Stock with design lines reminiscent of the PRS Lite. These similarities naturally incorporate some of the features found on the PRS Lite, including a rest on the front edge of the stock for the support hand that […]

Rossi Announces the Rio Bravo Tactical .22LR Optic-Ready Lever Action Rifle

Rossi’s latest releases may have been big bores bit they haven’t forgotten about the little guy. The Rio Bravo Tactical is based upon their R92 lever action and comes in .22 LR. It has a 10 round capacity, medium loop lever black polymer stocks. The forend has accessory slots for lights, slings, or whatever else […]

DOJ Report Chronicles Failures at Every Level in the Uvalde Shooting Response

  The Justice Department report, the most comprehensive federal accounting of the maligned police response to the May 24, 2022, shooting at Robb Elementary School, catalogs a sweeping array of training, communication, leadership and technology problems that federal officials say contributed to the crisis lasting far longer than necessary. All the while, the report says, […]

Franklin Armory Adds a Binary Trigger Kit for the Stribog SP9

  Franklin Armory, Inc., one of America’s most innovative manufacturers of firearms and accessories announced today the company will begin taking orders at SHOT Show 2024 for its new Binary trigger for the Grand Power Stribog SP9. Engineered with Franklin Armory’s patented Binary Firing System (BFS), the new SP-S1 Binary trigger kit is designed to […]

Breaking in the Avidity Arms PD10 9mm Pistol

Avidity Arms PD10 9mm pistol

  Avidity Arms unveiled what was to be the production model for their first pistol, the PD10 at last year’s SHOT Show. The inception of the PD10 was from industry insiders coming together to design what they thought would be the ultimate carry gun. Spearheaded by famed firearms instructor Rob Pincus, the PD10, chambered in […]

When the AceXR Virtual Shooting System Goes Beyond What You Can Do at the Range

In a previous article, I gave my first impressions of the AceXR virtual shooting system. In short, it’s an excellent piece of software for Meta Quest 2 and 3 VR headsets, combined with an excellent handset that converts the stock VR controller into a pistol that feels realistic. Not only does it provide authentic weight […]