Kentucky State Rep Sets a Standard for Legislators in Other States to Follow

Savannah Maddox

A recent bill in Kentucky shows us how state legislators should be responding to the NYSRPA v. Bruen decision. Instead of looking for ways to undermine it, delay it, get around it, or keep things in limbo until new judges are on the bench, Rep. Savannah Maddox introduced a bill to comply with it in […]

New Viridian C5L Custom and CTL Custom Laser and Lights for GLOCK Pistols

Viridian C5Ln Custom and CTL Custom

  Viridian Weapon Technologies proudly announces two custom products, the C5L Custom and CTL Custom for Glock – firearm accessories meticulously designed to seamlessly fit standard frame Glock pistols equipped with a rail. These sought after additions to the C Series lineup signify Viridian’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional performance and innovation, while always catering to the unique preferences […]

Rossi Now Offering the R95 Lever Gun in Three .45-70 Models

  Last August, Rossi launched their R95 lever-action rifle in .30-30. The folks at Rossi tell us the first question they got when the news broke was, “When will you make one in .45-70? Well, that day has come. They’re offering it in three barrel lengths, 16.5, 20, and 22 inches. As Rossi says . […]

Another Bruen Win: Third Circuit Strikes Down PA Carry Ban for Adults Under 21

concealed handgun in holster JHP ammunition

  Just think of NYSRPA v. Bruen as the judicial gift that keeps on giving, striking down plainly unconstitutional and arbitrary limits on the right to keep and bear arms from coast to coast. The latest victory comes from Pennsylvania where the Third Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down the Keystone State’s ban on […]

Picture Painted of the NRA by the Prosecution in New York is Not a Pretty One

  According to Wednesday’s continuing testimony by former NRA CEO Wilson “Woody” Phillips there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for the NRA’s attempt to buy a $6.8 million dollar Texas mansion for Wayne LaPierre, the longtime, but soon-to-be-retired head of the organization. Safety, it seems, was always a “top priority” for LaPierre. Reason enough, Phillips said, for […]

Huston: Dems Will Not Rest Until Your Right to Keep and Bear Arms is History

January 5 US Capitol riot

  Despite the fact that there was no appreciable threat to the government, no violence that rose to that level of “insurrection,” no announced plans to take over the government by any of the protesters, no armed assailants in the Capitol — other than the police who killed show shot a pro-Trump protester to death — all […]