Savage Arms Introduces the 110 Magpul Scout Rifle

Savage Arms just dropped a new version of their Model 110 today on social media. The 110 Magpul Scout takes their proven 110 action, and popular Scout platform, and adds a Magpul Hunter stock to the mix. It’s available in .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .450 Bushmaster and can be had in right or left […]

Latest NSSF Gun Production Figures Are Terrible News for the Gun Control Industry

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  We regret to inform the employees and devotees of America’s billionaire-financed Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex that we have some difficult news for them this morning. Our friends at the National Shooting Sports Foundation have been busy calculating, toting, cyphering, and compiling reams of data and have just announced their most current firearms production numbers. […]

Tape of Purported 2009 NRA Treasurer Conversation Could Be a Curve Ball for the Defense

Occasionally, what happens outside a courtroom can affect the events playing out inside a courtroom. That would appear to be the case in the ongoing battle between the State of New York and the National Rifle Association. Yesterday, ProPublica a “nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power” released an article (in conjunction with The Trace, the Bloomberg-funded group of anti-gun […]

How to Support the Washington State Spring Blade Knife Ban Repeal Bill

Knife Rights‘ bill that would repeal Washington’s ban on “spring blade” (automatic) knives, SB 5860, is set for a hearing Monday before the Senate Committee on Law & Justice. Sponsor Sen. Phil Fortunato has requested that we encourage our folks to sign in to support the bill. Unfortunately, you cannot use our Legislative Action Center to do this, you must […]

Attorney Tom DeVore Raises More Questions About Reported Plans of IL Governor to Use an Executive Order To Seize Registered Firearms

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Attorney Tom DeVore, last election cycle’s Republican candidate for Illinois Attorney General, has raised questions about the state’s new gun registry. He’s indicated that the governor might use an executive order to demand surrender of those guns following a “mass shooting.” DeVore is known in the Land of Lincoln for securing a temporary restraining order […]

No Doubt About Dots: The New Burris FastFire C Micro Red Dot

Unlike many of the other semi-fossilized members of my generation, I have little reservation about using optics on my guns. I’ve always had a simple objective when shooting a gun: hitting my target. As my eyes have changed, my abilities changed with them. As that happened, I squintingly looked for solutions. Like many of my […]