NRA Trial Day Two: The Defendants Make Their Cases

NEW YORK CITY – Day two of the State of New York v, National Rifle Association started with the opening statements from the defense’s side of the aisle. Statements — plural — is the operative word as the NRA and each of the code defendants, minus Josh Powell, also made the cases for their individual […]

Self Defense Basics: Just Say NO to Warning Shots

range train guns save life

Don’t even think about firing a warning shot. If any doubt exists, don’t pull the trigger. Unfortunately, thanks to Hollywood, almost everyone in America — and indeed the world — is all too familiar with the whole concept of “warning shots.” Their utility is nothing more than dramatic effect for Hollywood productions. Here in the […]

Gavin Newsom Demagogues Judges Who Blocked California SB2 Concealed Carry Ban

Gavin Newsom angry

Last week, a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals panel blocked a stay of a lower court injunction that prevented California’s SB2 concealed carry ban law from being enforced. The law designated virtually every public space in the state a no-go zone, making lawful concealed carry all but impossible. Governor Gavin Newsom didn’t take the news […]

Recommended Gear: KAK Industry Mini Milspec AR-15 Buffer Tube

Compact ARs are fun and practical if storage space is an issue, such as if you’re using one as a truck gun. Even if you have a short barrel rifle (SBR), or an AR pistol for that matter, one of the limiting factors has always been the buffer tube sticking out the rear of the […]

Powell: It Was Very Easy for the NRA to Raise Money Off of Fear

Josh Powell NRA COO

DETROW: You know, you said before how LaPierre kind of made the NRA into this culture war machine. And you saw over the years how much power the NRA exerted over the Republican Party, especially. You saw its death grip on the party when it came to any conversation about any sort of federal gun […]