NRA On Trial: The State Makes its Case Against What Prosecutors Call Waynes World

Wayne Lapierre NRA

NEW YORK CITY – Day one of the State of New York v. National Rifle Association trial wrapped up late Monday afternoon without the NRA having presented their defense and rebuttal of a very lengthy and possibly over-detailed  opening from the Attorney General’s prosecutor on the case. To anyone who’s followed this case since the […]

Can We At Least Be Honest About the Frequency of Transgender Mass Shooters?

Dylan Butler Iowa school shooter

Last week, 17-year-old Dylan Butler opened fire at Perry High School in Perry, Iowa, northwest of Des Moins. Butler killed one and wounded five others before turning the gun on himself. It was subsequently widely reported that the shooter was LGBTQ or possibly trans. That touched off a feeding frenzy in social media, fueled by […]

Fake News: Everytown Study Claims More Gun Control Would Save 300,000 Lives

From the CCRKBA . . . A new “study” by Everytown for Gun Safety which claims that 298,000 lives could be saved if all states adopted strict gun control policies like California is “misleading at best,” the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said in reaction. “While Everytown says California is […]

NRA Trial in Manhattan Off to a Halting Start

NRA march for our lives protest gun control

NEW YORK CITY – Shortly after noon, Eastern time, Judge Neil Cohen called a short lunch recess after the jury selection process had finally concluded. Tentatively set to conclude on Friday, the process of seating a jury of New Yorkers who don’t have a pre-existing opinion regarding the National Rifle Association proved more difficult and […]

Coming to a City Near You? Oakland Saw 15,000 Car Thefts in 2023

Back in the so-called “wild west” they would hang horse thieves. That penalty tended to keep horse thievery to a minimum. Today, in the allegedly civilized world of Oakland, California the police there are swamped with a 21% spike in violent crime. As such, they’ve warned residents — and criminals — that they don’t have […]

NRA On Trial: Win or Lose, Say Goodbye to the NRA as You Have Known It

NEW YORK CITY – Friday’s news that longtime National Rifle Association Executive Director Wayne LaPierre was resigning for “health reasons” brought a wide array of responses. Former NRA board members, fired past NRA executives, and others who had run afoul of WLP over the years were celebrating the fact that after numerous failed attempts to […]