Do Guns and Ammo Belong in Your Bugout or Get-Home Bag?

bugout bag

Bug-out bags provide some basics to survive while evacuating from a disaster.   Other times they are used to help facilitate returning home during a disaster, especially if part of the journey has to be completed while on foot.  Prepper philosophies vary widely regarding relating to the bags and their contents.  

NRA On Trial: Whatever the Outcome, the Changes Will Be Profound

Wayne LaPierre

After months of conjecture, more than a hundred million dollars in legal fees and more he said/she said arguments than a rancorous Hollywood celebrity divorce, the State of New York is slated to present its case against the National Rifle Association beginning Monday morning in a Manhattan courthouse. Barring an eleventh-hour deal,  New York Attorney […]

California Concealed Carry Ban Is Dead Again

Gavin Newsom in tears

Just before New Year’s Eve, the State of California won a small court victory for SB2, a Bruen response bill that had been struck down in a lower court. By getting the Ninth Circuit to grant them a stay, the law was allowed to go into effect, making concealed carry permits almost worthless in the […]