The Fact That a Federal Gun Registry is Illegal Doesn’t Seem to Bother Many Congresspeople

I think it is a wonderful idea to have a registry of every gun that is owned by a civilian in the United States of America because then we could have perhaps, uh, less killings in our neighborhoods, less killings at our supermarkets, less killings at our concerts, less killings period in the United States of America.

— Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) in a hearing on Justice Department Funding

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  1. DemocRat run states want to instill their bs policies throughout the country. Connecticut has a gun registry, it is not Constitutional and there has been no challenge to it. Both parties suck and can be counted on to do what is wrong for the citizenry. DemocRats want more control and the RepublicRats are the controlled opposition.

  2. Because it’s already being done.

    Government, like global corporations and your trashy neighbor, just go ahead and do whatever it is they want to do and deal with the consequences should they ever arrive.

    For government that means increasing their pay and calling you a bigot conspiracy theorist. For the corporations that means paying a token fine and promising not to let you find out about it ever again. For your trashy neighbor that means 90 days in jail.

    For all three nothing substantial changes and they just go on doing whatever it is they want.

  3. Get the thugs to register their guns and I’ll think about registering mine.
    I just thought about and NO thanks.
    Correction, Hell No!

    1. Convicted felons are exempt from any gun registration program, per SCOTUS. Has to do with self-incrimination. Nice, huh?

        1. Johnny, my comment was a parallel to your “sack of hammers” and not directed at you personally.
          I don’t understand your comment relative to my father.

          Ironically, there is some truth in your comment unbeknownst to you. I was raised by my grandparents on my mother’s side and did not learn who my biological father was until I was in my mid twenties. I am now 81 and back in those days things were done and thought of differently. An aunt informed me of my biological father and that a judge was paid $5 to draw a line through my real name and wrote in the new name on my birth certificate. I now have the original birth certificate. When I went in the Air Force my mom gave me an envelope with the birth certificate and told me not to look and to just give it to the recruiter which I did as told. My grand parents passed away never knowing that I knew the truth. After all they raised me as their own and I saw no reason to give them any grief.

      1. Listen in on any legislative committee, state board, local commission, etc. 90% of those people are in love with the sound of their own voice.

  4. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) is that special kind of stupid.

    I’m sure in her non-existent to shallow democrat tyrant understanding of constitutional rights coupled with her non-existent critical thinking and logic skills, she believes that some how or another having a registry of who owns firearms somehow keeps criminally minded people from exercising their free will to commit crimes and that some way or another criminals will line up to register their firearms.

    This is how she thinks it works:

    Thing 1: “Hey, lets go rob that store and shoot the guy.”
    Thing 2: “Nah man. I can’t. I registered my gun.”

    See, Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) is that special kind of stupid.

  5. …and the Dems are the ones always spouting off about “the rule of law”, when in fact they are the biggest abusers.

    1. There’s no problem when it supports their agenda.
      “But Trump lied!” while never mentioning Bidens or any other Democrat lies.
      “Trumps just pandering!” while ignoring Democrat pandering.
      “Project 2025 will put us all in prison camps!” while completely ignoring UN Agenda 2030 or dismissing it as a kooky conspiracy.
      “The right uses trickery and games to manipulate the courts” while ignoring the left doing the same.

      I’m sure most of these people know they’re intentionally shaping a narrative because the ends justifies the means but I’m also sure a good number of them honestly believe the other side has all the evil and their side has all the good.

      1. The “but Trump lied!” thing regarding the debate is especially egregious. Trump’s “lies” were basically his usual hyperbole.

        Trump: “ALL legal scholars wanted Roe overturned.”
        Truth: Honest legal scholars, including liberals who wanted legal abortion, agreed that the Roe v Wade ruling was weak.

        Meanwhile, Biden was busy pushing the same media lies they’ve been pushing for the past eight years. It’s funny because Snopes, the left wing “fact check” site, just came out and debunked the “very fine Nazis” lie. I assumed they did that just before the debate to signal to the Biden camp not to go there. Yet, Biden still went there. He’s still pretending that’s why he ran for president in 2020. That means he ran for president based on a lie. What an idiot.

        All they’re running on at this point is Trump is Orange Hitler who will never leave office. We already know what it’s like to live under Trump vs Biden. There’s a massive difference. Oh, and Trump left office when he was supposed to leave. Then he tried to use legal avenues to challenge the suspect election. Oh, the horror! People are finally noticing the Democrat lies.

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