After Cargill and Loper Bright, ATF is Looking More Rickety Every Day

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  1. If you’re expecting a huge change in BATF behavior, you have a very rude surprise coming from the gun-grabbers.

    They will do everything they possibly can to drag it out as long as they can, years, even decades if need be, until they can seat evil gun grabbers on the SCotUS….:(

    1. Geoff…………………..,

      Hold o n just on rhubarb-picking-minute there, Geoff!!

      You will recall, 4 years ago, that I challenged then ‘President- Elect Biden’ by declaring that I am ‘President- Elect Lifesavor’. I would have won that contest had I not lost. This year, I am entering the contest earlier as presumptive-President Lifesavor. One tenant of my platform will be the the ATFE only has jurisdiction over cases where ALL of its legislative criteria apply. In other words, ATFE would only have jurisdiction over tobacco using firears toting and explosive bearing persons. Absent any one of those pre-conditiions, the. ATFE would have no authority.

      Vote LifeSavor.
      Vote early.
      Vote often.
      Vote by mail.
      Voth in person.
      Votes by ALL methods available to yoy

      1. I can see it now, the crowds cheering…

        You could install a public gun range in the west garden… 🙂

  2. “If I am nominated, I won’t run.
    If I am elected, I won’t serve.”
    However, I will accept the salary for holding the said title of president.
    Payment in cash only BTW.

    Or so Pat Paulsen said years ago.

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