Damara Dik-Dik – Hunting the Tiniest of Africa’s Tiny Ten

Namibia Tiny Ten dik-dik hunt JWT

I bled more than he did. At least I had more to give. I was hunting the Damara’s dik-dik, but I was fighting Namibia…and Namibia was winning. This would be my 10th hunt with Jaques Jordaan of Ndlotti Safari Adventures of South Africa.  But, seeing as dik-dik aren’t naturally found in South Africa, Jaques reached […]

A Woman Saved Her Own Life Because She Knew How to Unload a Gun

Brantley Lloyd Tolleson

A woman’s quick thinking and knowledge of how to unload a gun may have saved her life. For background, last week 43-year-old Brantley Lloyd Tolleson was arrested for attempted murder for taking out a handgun, pointing it at the woman and pulling the trigger. Since this case, law enforcement has encouraged women to become familiar with firearms. […]

B5 Systems Adds to Their Retro Line of AR Furniture

B5 Systems retro AR-15 furniture

I’ve worked with a good bit of B5 Systems AR furniture recently and it’s all been solid and well thought out. I have to say though I’ve been anxiously awaiting the drop of their retro furniture and that just happened this week. They’ve had a CAR stock in the lineup, but now they’ve added six-hole […]

‘Technologies of Violence’ – Innovation May Save More Lives Than Regulation

Smart Gun

We are heartened that the surgeon general takes seriously the technological nature of gun violence in the U.S. For example, his report notes that we have promoted technological solutions to deal with previous public health crises like smoking and automobile fatalities. The report also points out firearms’ special status compared to other technologies like cars, […]