The Most American Promotional Video in the History of America

Last week I met the guys who own and run FLUX Defense, a Utah-based company that makes chassis systems for SIG P320 and now P365 pistols. The 365 version is small enough that you can tote a 50-round PDW the size of a G17 inside the waistband in a custom holster they sell. They come and braced and stocked versions (the braced models aren’t designed to be shouldered…you know that, right?)

Then I got to shoot the new SIG P320-FLUX LEGION, a collaboration between SIG and FLUX pairing the FLUX Raider chassis with a P320 Legion pistol. It takes a few minutes to master the controls, but once you do, that flip-out brace and the red dot make this thing a fearsome little 60-round PDW. We have one on the way for a review.

Anyway, I found this promo the FLUX folks made for it Raider chassis Tuesday and as the title indicates, it’s about as American as baseball, apple pie, yellow Labradors and the Second Amendment. Enjoy.

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