Milwaukee Leaders Beg for Reduced ‘Gun Violence’ Ahead of the GOP Convention

Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson
Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson (Image: Facebook)

More people were shot Thursday throughout Milwaukee as the city suffered a second straight day of significant gun violence.

Shootings were reported across town just as city and police leaders were discussing strategies to cut down on violence.

City leaders acknowledge they’ve made these pleas before, and they’ll continue their efforts no matter the results.

At the briefing, Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman said, “We are better than this. We are better than this.”

It was a passionate and painful briefing, what leaders at the top called an all-hands-on-deck moment.

Mayor Cavalier Johnson said, “It ticks me off. I am upset by it. It enrages me, each and every single time.”

— Adam Rife in Milwaukee leaders plead for end to gun violence, another child and pregnant woman shot Thursday

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    1. Chiraq will be a much bigger problem than Milwaukee. Yes, there will be anti Trump demonstrators but the real fun will be in Chiraq. The Liberals and the Progressives are in a tug of war for control of the democrat party with each side getting farther apart. The liberals are beginning to worry their policies/agendas may be hurting their chances in November. While the progressives don’t think they are going far enough fast enough. It reminds me of the conflict within the democrat party in ’68. In those days it was a battle between the old guard democrats and the liberal democrats and the shit got real nasty. The divide within the party is growing with the same intensity as ’68 and the vitriol from the progressives is gaining steam and they are becoming more embolden. Due to their hatred of Biden and his support for Israel and not moving forward on progressive agendas fast enough. Add to that the forthcoming fight over what to do with Biden and/or who to choose to replace him. I think the democrat convention in Chiraq this year will make ’68 look like a trip to Disneyland.


    That’s like asking cows not to moo, chickens not to cluck, and pigs not to oink.

    Absolutely hilarious.

  2. If it really ticked him off and enraged him he’d do something about it.

    Maybe something between actually locking people up for their crimes and a Bukele style scorched earth approach?

    Something besides refusing to prosecute, giving felons probation and blaming everyone that isn’t directly involved and demonizing your police.

    1. Locking people who commit crimes up?

      Racist! Racist! 😉

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