Europeans Will Never Comprehend Americans’ Love of The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

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  1. You have to admit that the French farmers fought back well using their liquefied dung sprayers.

    That being said, those dung sprayers are difficult to conceal.

  2. The European peasants will protest until their armed government decides to no longer allow them to protest. Remember, the Dutch Police fired on the Dutch farm protesters.

  3. You would like to think what’s now happening in Ukraine is all the motivation they would need to loosen their gun laws…

    1. You would think that all their religion of piece imports (here a r*pe there a r*pe) would be enough to inspire the purchase of tools and shovels.

  4. Our biggest mistake was saving Europe too 1 many times. As it turns out they weren’t worth the cost. In materials or men.

  5. Maybe if they had to take out the global superpower, by using arms, to establish their own country, they would understand.

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