Biden’s War on Guns Wasn’t on the Table in Last Night’s Shambolic Presidential Debate

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In the aftermath of the CNN presidential debate debacle, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms expressed disappointment that moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash did not ask Joe Biden about his gun ban agenda, “but considering the president’s dreadful performance, we understand why.”

“The debate was a political disaster for Joe Biden and the Democrats,” said CCRKBA Alan Gottlieb, “and the whole world was watching. The simple fact is that if the man we saw on stage had been asked to explain his campaign against guns, he would have been shooting blanks.”

CCRKBA had called on CNN to quiz Biden about his efforts to ban modern semiautomatic rifles and 9mm pistols, and his relentless attempts to erode the Second Amendment over the past half century that he has spent inside the Beltway. But the network, which has essentially been providing cover for Biden over the past 3 ½ years, chose not to force the Delaware Democrat to justify his war on guns.

“The debate was embarrassing, not only for Joe Biden, but for the country,” Gottlieb observed, “but what else could CNN really do? There were moments when it was clear the president’s chamber was empty, so how could he have competently opened fire on the subject of gun control versus rights? At best, he would have been going off half-cocked.

“Throughout his political career, Joe Biden has been on the warpath against the Second Amendment, and he has even bragged about it,” Gottlieb continued. “However, since the Heller ruling in 2008 and the McDonald decision in 2010, followed by the Bruen ruling in 2022, Biden has consistently been on the losing side of the Constitution. Last night, it sadly became obvious the president has run out of ammunition, and it may be time for him to leave the range.

“For decades, Joe Biden has been missing the bullseye in his crusade to disarm American citizens,” Gottlieb stated. “His painful performance against Donald Trump Thursday night was conclusive evidence that he has missed the target altogether. His flint has lost its spark, and his powder horn is empty.”

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  1. For all Joe knows he did discuss gun control. At length. And with great clarity even winning over the CCRKBA.
    I can’t imagine he’ll perform better in 3 months time.

    1. In his argument for abortion, he actually brought up an “immigrant” (illegal, invited in by Biden) murdering a girl. Then he said we need abortions because of rape by sisters. Yes, sisters. He said that! This is even after Trump had already said he wanted exceptions for rape. Then Biden said he was for full term abortion. Then he said no one was for it, like that would be crazy. It was wild to watch.

      1. Yeah pretty sure he was trying to imply that because there are rapes committed by citizens therefore its not a big deal if all the illegals he is bringing in commit rapes
        Hope Trump feels vindictive after he wins

    1. It is exceedingly rare that politicians lie; it happens almost never. You are absolutely justified in your horror and opprobrium.

  2. The best part of the night was when after nearly 20 seconds of incoherent mumbling by dementia Joe. Trump said I have no idea what he just said. As Biden stood there with a blank look on his face. I hope someone turns the exchange into a meme.

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