Gun Control is One of the Only Issues the Biden Campaign Thinks It Can Can Run On

Kamala Harris
Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Last Thursday, [Vice President Kamala] Harris helped lead a gathering of health care leaders that West Wing aides highlighted as the first such White House summit to discuss guns as a public health crisis. On Friday, she discussed guns with Students for Biden, continuing a theme of her recent speeches on college campuses around the country.

Gun-control advocates cite a potentially wider reach that extends across several parts of the Democrats’ coalition in recent elections: parents of schoolchildren, younger voters who grew up in an era of school shootings and safety drills, and Black and Hispanic voters. Biden’s approval among some of these groups has fallen during his term in the White House.

“The political calculus has changed so dramatically on this issue in a relatively short period of time,” said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety. Legislating on guns, he said, was “an issue that elected officials once ran away from and now they run toward.”

Feinblatt said Everytown’s political arm plans advertising and voter outreach in presidential battleground states starting this summer.

The effort is modeled after Everytown’s strategy in Virginia’s 2023 legislative races, which yielded Democratic majorities. Everytown’s ads in suburban and exurban districts painted Republicans as threats to “public health and public safety.”

— Bill Barrown in Biden and gun control advocates want to flip an issue long dominated by the NRA

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  1. If whoever is in charge in the White House wants to change the Democrat ticket in November, all they have to do is under juice him for the debate in two weeks. A confused, mumbling, frozen Biden in front of a prime time national TV audience would end his reelection bid and he would be replaced.

    1. “A confused, mumbling, frozen Biden in front of a prime time national TV audience would end his reelection bid and he would be replaced.”

      Seen this clip? It sure looks like uncle Joe dropped a dookie in his pants at the recent Normandy memorial :

      Actually, I’m more than a bit concerned they will talk him into not running, and put up someone not outright insane like ‘hair jell’ Newsome…

  2. They have lots to run on:

    1) gun control
    2) abortion
    3) escalating foreign wars
    4) vague promises of free shit
    5) n0t TrUmP

    Oh, and of course, d3m0cRaCy.

    1. You left one biggie off the list:
      Climate Crisis!!!

      Some of the sheep are finally waking up to that scam, but they still allowed the Puppet Admin to extract trillions from us in the name of saving humanity from the sun demon.

    2. You forgot the biggie. Killing babies in the womb, because they are inconvenient to someone’s preferred lifestyle.

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